QTP Online Training (Quick Test Professional)

QTP (Quick Test Professional) Online Training with Complete Placement Assistance

QTP is one of the most widely used testing suite for automation of regression testing in software applications. It’s now known as HP Unified Functional Testing after Mercury Interactive was acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2006. QTP also supports functional testing through a GUI (Graphic User Interface) and uses VBScript to specify the test procedure to be executed.QTP also has a collection of add-ins apart from its native features that allow it to be used for a vast range of applications designed in various programming environments such as ERP, Mainframes, Oracle, Java, PeopleSoft, .Net etc. This makes it a versatile and easy to use testing tool that is being extensively used across the world.

A Career in QTP-Things that you should consider:

  1. QTP is easy to learn: If you are a novice in programming-you can still grasp the fundamentals and practical usage of QTP as it’s easy to learn and has a simple to use visual interface. A working knowledge of VBScript in programming QTP is also comparatively easy to learn then compared to other high-level programming languages.
  2. Extensive Job Opportunities: Every Software Development Lifecycle needs a testing team to ensure that the designed software meets the acceptable quality and usage standards.  Hence QTP professionals are always in demand as they can be a part of a testing team that is not restricted to a single software domain such as .Net or ERP.
  3. Career benefits: Software Testers have excellent growth opportunities along with a lucrative pay –which is one of the best in the industry. Get the benefit of having a successful career as a software test engineer by choosing one of the most widely used testing tool-QTP

What We Offer: We offer an exhaustive online training course in QTP that helps both fresher’s and experienced software professionals to easily understand the tool, coding fundamentals and practical testing on QTP. Our course curriculum is prepared by an expert in-house team of certified Testing professionals and aims to give you a thorough understanding of the theoretical aspects as well as the practical usage of QTP. Live projects, sample interview questions, real-time application scenarios and regular assessments and feedback sessions give you the comparable advantage of regular classroom training-at the convenience of your own location.

Course Highlights:

  1. Completely Interactive: We deploy our courses in a web conferring tool which is then taught by an expert trainer-allowing you complete interaction and guidance throughout the webinar session.
  2. Quality Curriculum: Our course curriculum focuses extensively on the application of QTP in various testing environments-so as to give you a real time understanding of the scope of the tool. It’s designed to perfectly equip you with the required practical approach that is so very essential for a successful career in software testing.
  3. Complete Placement Assistance: We offer complete placement assistance through our network of industry associations as well as with tie-ups with some of the major HR firms in USA.
  4. Affordable Priced: The course is affordably priced and students can also enrol for a free online demo session before choosing to opt for the course.

Course Curriculum: Take a look at a brief summary of the course contents for the online QTP course. For a complete list of the course contents or to inquire about a custom curriculum as per your training needs-please get in touch with us. We also offer exclusive corporate training batches and have conducted online training batches in some of the most popular Fortune 100 companies such as IBM.

  1. Manual and Automated Testing-An Introduction
  2. QTP, its Architecture and uses
  3. The Test Process-Test cases-Identifying, preparing, debugging, execution and reporting
  4. Recording and Running a Test in QTP
  5. Object Repository, Objects, Keywords, Virtual Object Manager etc
  6. Descriptive Programming , Actions,  Methods and Operations in QTP
  7. Synchronization and Parameterization
  8. Batch Testing and Recovery scenarios
  9. Quality Center
  10. VBScript fundamentals and programming test cases
  11. File System operations and the Excel model
  12. Web Scripting and GUI Scripting
  13. Different Frameworks-Data Driven, Keyword Drive, Hybrid –along with AOM Script
  14. Testing for different software environments-web, general applications, ERP,  Mainframes, Databases etc
  15. Live project and implementation scenarios

For more information on our online course in QTP and to schedule a free demo, please Click Here and get the perfect advantage for a successful career in QTP.

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